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Sweat Free Pits at Last! – hilairebelloc

I’ve had hyperhidrosis (albeit self diagnosed) since I was a teenager. Stressful situations, coupled with hot Texas summers, exacerbate the condition tenfold. I cannot tell you the untold number of blouses/shirts I have ruined due to excessive armpit sweat. So within the last year I began getting botox injected in my underarms. The problem with botox is that it only lasted 6 months (AT MOST) for me.

So after pondering/researching the option of Miradry for well over a year, I finally had the procedure performed and I cannot begin to tell you what a breeze it was, especially in lieu of negative feedback I had heard regarding the procedure in Houston, TX. Acquaintances I knew that had the procedure done had told mutual friends, that it was the most painful cosmetic treatment they had ever undergone. Well I guess that’s why I had to go outside of Houston to get the treatment done, because all practitioners of Miradry, or any other procedure for that matter are not created equal!!


Beat That Underarm Sweat! – daisy29

Although I never struggled with excessive underarm sweating, I was so tired of feeling self-conscious any time I wore a tank top or dress. Undergoing the miraDry procedure has already changed my life and its only been 1 month! I can wear tank tops, dresses, and bikinis without having to worry about the white residue from my deodorant and without having to worry about any odor from sweating. I can also get a good workout in without feeling embarrassed of any pit sweat stains. Every girl needs this procedure, especially if you live in hot central Texas. No more sweat stains, no more odor, AND you get underarm hair loss!

The procedure itself is a bit uncomfortable during the numbing portion, but thereafter it’s a piece of cake. Ladies, we were built to endure the pains of labor, so a few numbing injections is no big deal. A word of advice though, if you decide to have this done make sure you have 1-2 days of downtime as you WILL have some swelling, discomfort, and possibly some bruising. The first 2 days are the worst, then the swelling and discomfort will subside slowly. Definitely, give yourself enough time before any important event; in other words, don’t get this done the week before your wedding day! Plan at least 1 month ahead of time just in case. If you truly have hyperhidrosis, you may need 2 treatments to get permanent results and you have to wait 3 months in between treatments so plan ahead.

Aside from the numbing injections and swelling, the procedure is easy-peasy. The results are real, permanent, and absolutely worth it!


Great life-changing procedure – Dennis P.

As a sufferer of excessive underarm sweat my entire life and having tried everything short of Botox, miraDry by far was the best thing I have ever done to help with my condition.

I no longer worry about having to throw away t-shirts because no matter what I tried I ruined them in a matter of months. I no longer have the anxiety of wearing a suit and having the entire underarm area entirely saturated.  And forget about ever being able to wear a colored shirt; I always had to wear a white shirt.  I was basically at my wits end and became resigned to the fact that I would always be saturated but hoped it wouldn’t happen.

I knew my condition was somewhat serious because I would emerge from the shower don antiperspirant, and while I was getting dressed – here came the drip from my arm pits!  “I just got out of the shower!” I would scream, “How can I possibly be sweating already?”

I just want to say that this is a great life changing procedure and will benefit many people just like me. The side effects were exactly as my doctor said – very minimal.  Thanks again, you have a great product.

Best Money I Ever Spent!!! – Ducatisti

Only if you have Hyperhidrosis can you truly understand the suffering associated with this condition. If you’ve ever done any of the following then you know what I mean.
1. Taken not just one, but two or three extra shirts to work every day.
2. Used the heater in your car to dry a shirt. This also requires scoping out a private place to park.
3. Stuffed paper towels down a shirt to keep it dry until just the right moment before a meeting or an important occasion.
4. Used bathroom hand dryers to dry a shirt.
5. Worn a light jacket indoors (when it’s the last thing you really want to do) simply to hide the underarm sweat ring.
6. Wanted to punch a wall (or cry) out of frustration because you’re so sick of being uncomfortable from wet & soggy / cold shirts.
7. Taken a shirt off in your car on your way home (and worn only a jacket or coat) just to be dry and comfortable.
8. Had someone hug you and felt mortified because you know their hand touched your wet shirt.
9. (If you’re a male) Can’t keep white undershirts for more then a couple months because they stain yellow.
10. Wanted a coffee but refused because caffeine makes it worse.
….. there are so many more I could go on and on.

Needless to say, this procedure was the best money I’ve ever spent and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!! This is AMAZING! I’m someone that could sweat through a sweater and I’m bone dry after one procedure that took only a couple hours from start to finish.

I’m not sure if I’ll even need the second procedure but I’m told that for lasting bone dry effectiveness two procedures should be done. I only spent $1500 for the first procedure and will gladly pay that again for the second procedure if the sweating comes back (to any degree). I’m so happy being this dry that I’ve made it a priority to pursue this to completion. Now that I’ve experienced 100% dryness there truly is no going back.

A couple of suggestions however.
1. Ask your clinic if they allow split payments of $1500 per treatment so you don’t have to shell out $3000 up front. Even though it’s recommended, some people don’t need a second treatment.

2. Ask your clinic if you can choose the highest intensity level (level 5). Some offices may have a standardized protocol for a lower intensity level for the first treatment. I didn’t want that however, and chose to go for the shotgun blast approach. The PA that performed my procedure was fine with that and allowed me to choose level 5.


Long Term Solution – Kira Rose

I just finished my 2nd miraDry treatment! I have done Botox injections for 5 years or so to stop the sweating under my arms. I was ready for something a little more long term. I heard about miraDry at my Dermatologist office. He said it was a new treatment that would provide me long term results, vs. Botox treatments that only last 3-4 months. My motivation behind seeking treatment for my hyperhydrosis stems back from Junior High. I remember being extremly embarrassed at the arm pit stains on my shirt and how embarrassed I was in all the pictures I was in where you could see the sweat marks. As I have gotten older and started seeing a Dermatologist, I began to see there are options out there to help. So far with the miraDry treatment I am very pleased!! The underarm sweating stopped almost immediately after my first treatment. I waited another 3 months before getting my second treatment. Honestly, one treatment may have been enough; however I figured I might as well get it all taken care of and go ahead with the 2nd treatment. After my first treatment I did have swelling under my arms for about a week. I took 2 Advil every 4 hours and was fine as far as pain management goes. I did not have any sweating for about a month or so and then noticed a little sweating, however NOTHING like it used to be. I was able to be in my best friend’s wedding, with no fear of sweating and ruining the dress:). I just had my 2nd treatment 3 days ago and my swelling has already decreased dramatically. I also applied cold compresses on after the first day. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers from severe sweating without a doubt.